Raymond Felton's Wife Reportedly Told Police That He Was Cheating on Her With Multiple Women

Raymond Felton's wife may have turned his unregistered gun over to police because he was cheating on her with multiple women.

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So was Fabolous telling the truth when he name-dropped Raymond Felton on his recent hit, "Cuffin Season"? Was the Knicks guard cheating on his wife on the regular?

We'd bet that Fab didn't intentionally snitch on Felton. But according to the New York Post, Felton's wife Ariane Raymondo-Felton does believe that her husband has cheated on her during their marriage, which is why she is in the process of divorcing him and why the couple reportedly got into an argument recently that ended with Felton allegedly waving a gun at her. There's been no official confirmation of any of this. But several sources who spoke with the Post late yesterday said that Raymondo-Felton told police about Felton's cheating ways when she turned his gun over to them earlier this week.

Felton is still scheduled to play in the Knicks' game against the Heat tonight. But how much messier is this thing with his wife and his gun going to get? Our guess: VERY. So continue to stay tuned for more info on the situation.

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