Ray Allen Reportedly Denied Spike Lee's Request to Film a "He Got Game" Spoof Yesterday

Maybe some other time, Spike.

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Back in 1998, Spike Lee helped jumpstart Ray Allen's acting career when he cast him as Jesus Shuttlesworth in his film, He Got Game. So you would think that Jesus, er, Ray would do just about anything for Spike if he asked. But you would be wrong. Because according to the New York Post, Spike showed up at the Heat's shootaround yesterday morning and attempted to get Allen to agree to shoot a spoof of He Got Game with him. But Allen—who reportedly has a crazy pre-game shootaround—turned down Spike's request because he thought it would be too distracting.

Normally, we would call Allen out for turning Spike down. But if this report is true and Spike did wait until gameday to ask Allen to shoot the spoof, then we don't blame him one bit for doing it. Allen was, after all, a little preoccupied with Game 7 last night. But now that the NBA season is over, Allen should have plenty of free time. So we look forward to the He Got Game spoof, coming to a YouTube URL soon.

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