Former NBA Player Raja Bell Rips Blake Griffin, Compares Him to Soft Serve Ice Cream

Raja Bell went in on Blake Griffin.

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Late last night, CBS Sports debuted a new show called NBA Crossover that features Rip Hamilton and Raja Bell speaking with host Nick Kostos about a variety of NBA topics. During the show, the two players touched on the recent news surrounding Blake Griffin and discussed Griffin’s perception across the league. And while Hamilton spoke vaguely about how many NBA players believe that Griffin is a soft player, Bell was extremely blunt while discussing the Clippers star and came out swinging. Bell hasn’t played in the league in almost three years now, but he said that, in his opinion, Griffin is very soft. So soft that he went as far as to compare him to soft serve ice cream, just to really drive his point home.

“Blake is soft. Period,” Bell said on the show. “Blake Griffin is soft. Like the soft serve. You could put a chocolate coating on top and it gets even softer underneath. I say that because...there is too much evidence of him getting pushed around and, instead of taking care of his business like you know you need to, crying to the referees and making faces and ‘They’re trying to hurt me’ and this and that. Listen, brother, if people are coming after you, then get back at one of them. That’s what you do in the league. That’s how you establish that you will not be treated like that from night to night. He does not stand up for himself, which makes it even more comical when he hits a damn trainer or equipment man or something like that. Come on, brother. Come on.”

Wellllllllll then. Why don’t you tell us how you really feel, man? Bell obviously isn't the first player to suggest Griffin is soft, but no one has ever put it quite like that before. You can hear exactly what Hamilton and Bell had to say in the clip above.

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