The Three Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World Right Now Are All European Soccer Clubs

According to Forbes, the three most valuable sports teams in the world are Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United.

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If we asked you to guess which sports team you think is the most valuable sports team in the entire world right now, which team would you guess? The New York Yankees? The Dallas Cowboys? The Los Angeles Lakers?

Those would all be excellent guesses, because all three of them are worth of ton of money. But according to Forbes, none of them would be the right answer.

Forbes just put together their annual list of the most valuable sports teams in the world and, in doing so, they revealed that the three most valuable sports teams right now are all European soccer clubs.

Here are the top 10 teams on the Forbes list:

  1. Real Madrid, $3.44 billion
  2. Barcelona, $3.2 billion
  3. Manchester United, $2.81 billion
  4. New York Yankees, $2.5 billion
  5. Dallas Cowboys, $2.3 billion
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers, $2 billion
  7. Bayern Munich, $1.85 billion
  8. New England Patriots, $1.8 billion
  9. Washington Redskins, $1.7 billion
  10. New York Giants, $1.55 billion

To see the top 50, go here. Are you surprised that soccer reigns supreme?

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[via Forbes]

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