UFC Fighter Luke Rockhold Took a Crazy Photo of Him Holding a Tiger's Testicles in His Hand

Why did this MMA fighter take a photo of him holding a tiger's testicles in his hand?

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Grabbing a tiger's testicles and holding them while your friend takes a photo seems like a ridiculously crazy thing to do. But because MMA fighters are, in general, pretty crazy, that's exactly what UFC fighter Luke Rockhold decided to do yesterday. He visited some kind of zoo or animal sanctuary in Thailand and got the opportunity to spend some up close and personal time with a tiger. And he used that opportunity to take the photo that you see above.

"Who's your daddy," he wrote as his Instagram caption for the photo.

The photo didn't sit well with some people out there, though. The general response to it was, "Yo, WTF is this guy doing?"

But Rockhold wants everyone to know that he did not hurt the tiger and that he was just messing around. He just posted this video to IG a short time ago:

And he also wrote a short message apologizing to anyone who may have been offended by his photo.

"For those of u who think it was disrespectful I'm sorry," he wrote as the video's IG caption. "Was so minor just joking around. I was way too scared and would never do anything harmful to any animal."

Fair enough. But still, that was a pretty weird photo to take and then post to social media, dude. So you do see why some people would be freaked out by it, right?

[via TMZ Sports]

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