Lil Wayne Won't Be Jumping on the Warriors Bandwagon Anytime Soon

Lil Wayne is a Lakers fan for life.

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Rappers are known for jumping on and off of sports bandwagons (Hi, Drake! Hi, Snoop Dogg! Hi, Wiz Khalifapartying with the Patriots even though you're supposed to be Mr. Black & Yellow!). So when Lil Wayne performed at a show in Orange County, Calif. last night, we expected him to acknowledge the Warriors' win over the Cavaliers in the 2015 NBA Finals—and we wouldn't have blamed him for giving a special shout out to Steph Curry. But while Wayne did mention the Warriors during his concert, he also let it be known that he will not be jumping on the Golden State bandwagon now...or ever.

"Ya'll know you won the Finals tonight if you're a Golden State Warriors fan," he yelled. "But fuck all that, nigga! I'm a Laker 'til my motherfuckin' death, baby."

Think he'll be singing this same tune when Kobe Bryant leaves town?

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