LeBron James’ Sons Wear the Jersey Numbers 0 and 30 for Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry

Neither of LeBron James’ sons wear the jersey number 23.

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In a Sports Illustrated cover story that was published last year, LeBron James revealed that his oldest son LeBron James Jr.refuses to wear the same jersey number as he does because he “doesn’t want people to know who he is.”

“He hates when they ask him for pictures and autographs,” LeBron said. “He won’t even wear my number.”

His youngest son Bryce Maximus won’t wear it, either. In a video that LeBron shared yesterday, you can see that LeBron Jr. has decided to go with the jersey number 0, while Bryce has chosen the jersey number 30. And according to LeBron himself, those aren’t just random numbers that the boys have picked out. He spoke with ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin last night and revealed that LeBron Jr. selected No. 0 because of Russell Westbrook (sorry, Kevin Love) while Bryce goes with No. 30 because of Steph Curry:

If you missed it, you can check out the boys' most recent video here:

Are you surprised that neither of them has opted to go with good old No. 23 like their dad?

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