LeBron James Shares the Latest Video of His Sons Playing Basketball, and It’s the Best One Yet

LeBron James’ sons just keep getting better.

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Kobe Bryant might not be happy about how much LeBron James’ sons LeBron James Jr. and Bryce James pass the basketball…but we are! We’re also happy about the way they shoot, dribble, run, jump, etc. etc. etc. When the first video of LeBron Jr. hit the Internet about a year and a half ago, it was cute in an “Awww, look at Little LeBron!” kind of way. But now, you can actually see both of his sons improving with every video they put out (especially LBJ Jr.—look at those handles!), and if they keep at it, it’s not hard to imagine them doing some special things in the future.

They sure are. Check out the clip above to see the James boys in action.

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