LeBron James Is Asked to Name His Favorite Reggie Miller Moment, Can’t Come Up With Anything

Does LeBron have beef with Reggie Miller?

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Last week, LeBron James passed the great Jerry West on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. He currently has 25,274 points and is positioned at No. 19 on the list. And during the Cavaliers next game against the Raptors tomorrow night, LeBron will likely pass yet another player on the list, as he sits just five points behind Reggie Miller at the moment.

With that in mind, a reporter decided to ask LeBron if he has a favorite memory from Miller’s career during a media session yesterday. There are plenty of Miller moments to choose from, with the most obvious being the eight points Miller scored in nine seconds during a playoff game against the Knicks back in 1995. But LeBron didn’t choose that moment—or any moment. Instead, he offered up this response to the reporter’s question.

“Uh, no,” he said, before waiting for a new question.

Cleveland.com reporter Joe Vardon—who published a piece about LeBron’s pursuit of history when it comes to both points and assists earlier today—asked LeBron to clarify his feelings on Miller following the Cavaliers’ win over the Magic last night. Specifically, he asked LeBron if he has some sort of beef with Miller, and this is the response he got:

"Nah, I have no problem with Reggie," James said, with a hint of a smile.


In Vardon’s piece, LeBron speaks glowingly about West, Oscar Robertson, and others, but it’s clear he didn't have anything nice to say about Miller yesterday.

Could it be because Miller recently said he would pick Larry Bird over LeBron in a draft? Or because Miller once ripped LeBron for reaching out to Hakeem Olajuwon and other NBA greats for help?

Welp. OK, we get your (subliminal) point, LeBron.

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