Lakers Reportedly Trying to Make a Trade for DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins to the Lakers?

Image via USA TODAY Sports/Kelley L. Cox

Over the weekend, Kings vice president Vlade Divacsaid that Sacramento will not trade DeMarcus Cousins this summer. But apparently, that isn't going to stop some teams from trying to convince them to do it.

According to ESPN Los Angeles, the Lakers have reached out to the Kings in recent weeks in order to try and work out a deal for Cousins. League sources told ESPN that the Lakers have also spoken with the Magic about possibly working out a three-team trade with the Kings that would help them land Cousins. So far, nothing has developed, but at the very least, it sounds like the Lakers are going to do whatever they can to get Kobe Bryant the help that he so desperately desires this offseason.

Stay tuned for more on this. Try as they may, the Kings are not going to be able to ignore the phone calls forever if other teams continue to call about Cousins.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]

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