This Video of Kyle Lowry's Son Singing Drake's "Know Yourself" Will Make You Want to Have Kids Immediately

Watch Kyle Lowry's son sing Drake's "Know Yourself."

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Have kids? Then you'll probably be able to relate to this video. About 99 percent of the time (OK, but not "99 percent," but…), kids will find ways to get on your last nerve. But every now and then, they'll do something like this and you'll be like, "Awwww…I WANT MORE!"

Don't have kids? Then you'll probably want to have them after taking a look at this video of Kyle Lowry's son singing Drake's "Know Yourself." Because even if you don't like kids—or Drake—it's impossible to watch this and not think (at least for a second), "Awwww…I WANT ONE!"

The 2014-15 NBA season has been rough for Lowry and his teammates lately. ESPN just wrote an entire piece about their recent woes (see what we did there?). But if you're Lowry, it's hard to be too upset about how things are going when you're coming home to this every night.


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