Did Kobe Bryant Just Admit That He Wouldn't Mind Playing Alongside LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony?

Kobe Bryant sent out a cryptic tweet this morning indicating that he wouldn't mind the Lakers undergoing an "#upgrade" this summer.

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Over the course of the last few days, a lot of NBA analysts have speculated about whether or not LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony would consider signing with the Lakers this summer and teaming up with Kobe Bryant. But quite a few of them have said that there's a chance that Kobe himself wouldn't be open to this idea. After all, Kobe still sees himself as one of the best basketball players in the world. So why would he agree to take a backseat to LeBron and Carmelo on his own team?

However, early this morning, Kobe sent out a cryptic tweet that seems to indicate that he would be open to the idea of LeBron and Carmelo joining the Lakers. He didn't mention either of the players by name. But his tweet does allude to the fact that he would welcome an "#upgrade" in Los Angeles:

They would be more than welcome to wear the Golden Armor #lakers #upgrade @DrinkBODYARMOR #nbaFA

Is this a sign of things to come and could we actually see LeBron and Carmelo suiting up to play alongside Kobe soon? Or is Kobe just trolling us all right now? The speculation continues...

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