Kobe Bryant Says His 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Already Copying His Moves on the Basketball Court

She also does one hell of an impression of him.

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Everyone is still amazed by what Kobe Bryant was able to do against the Rockets last night. Yes, the Lakers ended up losing to Houston by 20. But Kobe threw down a dunk! And it wasn’t just some wide-open dunk. He threw it down over someone. Crazy!

ESPN Los Angeles ran a long piece about the dunk and the reaction that many of Kobe’s teammates had to it. Pretty much all of them called him “old” in one form or fashion, but their reactions are still worth reading. But buried in that story is an interesting tidbit from Kobe himself. He pointed out that no one was happier to see him dunk than his 9-year-old daughter Gianna. It seems she has taken a particular interest in basketball and her father’s career, so much so that she is already copying his moves on the court.

“We were shooting not too long ago and she was shooting one-dribble pull-ups,” he said. “I asked here where does she get that from? She said, ‘From watching you.’ I didn’t know she was paying attention that much. I watch her play and she has the same mannerisms. She’ll sit there and bite her jersey and all this other stuff. That’s a beautiful thing.”

You can check out the entire ESPN Los Angeles piece here.

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[via ESPN Los Angeles]

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