Kobe Bryant Can't Believe How Happy His Lakers Teammates Were to Beat the Celtics on Sunday

Kobe Bryant wasn't happy with how the Lakers celebrated beating the Celtics on Sunday.

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The Lakers and Celtics have a long, storied history. In fact, you could argue that they probably have the best rivalry in the entire NBA. But because both teams suck this season—sorry, Los Angeles and Boston fans!—the celebration that Nick Young, Jordan Hill, Jeremy Lin, and Carlos Boozer had on Sunday night after the Lakers beat the Celtics seemed a bit excessive, don't you think?

Um, yes. You guys won your 14th game of the 2014-15 NBA season, not Game 7 of the NBA Finals!

Kobe Bryant wasn't happy to see them celebrating so much, either. He was asked about what Young, Hill, Lin, and Boozer did after the game during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. And rather than try to come up with the right words to explain his thoughts on their behavior, he just made this face…


…and then moved on to the next topic.

How has it come to this for the Lakers? Check out the clip above to see more highlights from his interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

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[via Jimmy Kimmel Live]

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