Kevin Durant Calls an NBA Writer a "Dumbass" for Criticizing Nick Collison's New Contract

Kevin Durant just took a shot at a former ESPN writer on Twitter.

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Earlier today, ESPN revealed that the Thunder have agreed to sign veteran Nick Collison to a two-year, $7.5 million contract extension. And Collison is excited about it.

"We've been talking about it for awhile," he said. "It's something I'm really happy about. I felt like this is where I wanted to be. This is my team."

Not everyone shared in his excitement, though. Former ESPN writer Chris Palmer—who got into a weird Twitter beef with Lil Reese a few years back—took to Twitter to criticize Oklahoma City for signing Collison to the contract:


And that didn't sit well with Collison's teammate Kevin Durant. KD congratulated Collison on signing his new deal a short time ago:


And then, he also sent a shot in Palmer's direction and wasn't afraid to @ him when he did it:


Palmer—who appears to want everyone to know that he didn't get fired—responded to him with this:


Wow. Did KD just win the "Teammate of the Year" award or what?

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