Johnny Manziel Is Trying to Trademark the Nickname "Johnny Cleveland"

Does anyone even call Johnny Manziel "Johnny Cleveland"?

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Have you heard anyone—anyone at all—refer to Johnny Manziel as "Johnny Cleveland"? No, right? Someone might have used that nickname right after Manziel was selected by the Browns back in May. But outside of that, no one is actually walking around and calling Manziel "Johnny Cleveland."

Despite this, Manziel is reportedly trying to trademark the nickname. He's still waiting to get his actual nickname "Johnny Football" registered. Yet, according to ESPN, his company JMan2 Enterprises LLC has contacted the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to try and get the trademark for "Johnny Cleveland." It's the 10th different trademark—including trademarks for "JFF," "ManzIIiel," and "The House That Johnny Built"—that Manziel and his company have applied for.

It's obviously not a terrible idea for Manziel to snatch up all the trademarks that he can as they relate to his name. Because who knows? Maybe "Johnny Cleveland" will take off one day. But as of right now, nah. No one is calling him that and no one is going to start calling him that anytime soon. At least, not until he's actually in the starting lineup for the Browns.

[via ESPN]

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