John Wall Explains the Origin of His "Bruh" Meme, Reveals the Perfect Time to Use It

We finally have an explanation for this meme.

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Back in June, someone finally tracked down the origin of the Nick Young confused face meme. And now, we have an explanation for yet another popular NBA-related meme—the one that features John Wall slumped back in his seat at a game. It's most often used with the word "BRUH!" underneath of it:

Over the weekend, Wall sat down with CSN Mid-Atlantic for an interview. And while he spoke about a bunch of interesting topics—like the pitch that he's going to give to Kevin Durant next summer—he also explained the origin of the classic "Bruh" meme and talked about when people should use it. We don't know that we've ever seen Wall this enthusiastic about something!

Check out the clip above to hear his explanation. He also recreates the meme several times and discusses how it has been turned into an emoji.

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[via CSN Mid-Atlantic]

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