John Calipari Compares Drake to Michael Jackson

Did he just say that?

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It's no secret that John Calipari and Drake are best buds. Okay, okay, maybe not best buds. But they've become good friends over the course of the last few years and, last month, Coach Cal even let Drizzy steal the spotlight at Kentucky's Midnight Madness event.

So during a recent interview with Campus Insiders, Calipari was asked about his relationship with Drake, and he talked a little bit about when he first became familiar with Drake and what he remembers about him. And then, he referred to Drake as "Michael Jackson talented" before talking about how he hasn't changed since he first met him.

You can hear Calipari talking about Drake in the clip above. We've also included the entire interview below. You OK with the MJ comparison here?


[via Campus Insiders]

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