Former NBA Player Jim Jackson Addresses Old Rumor About Toni Braxton Standing Jason Kidd Up for Him

Jackson says it never happened.

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The Internet didn’t really exist back in 1996 (well, it did technically exist, but not like it does in 2016…) but that didn’t stop crazy sports rumors from starting much like they do today. And one of the craziest NBA-related rumors involved a story about Jason Kidd, Jim Jackson, and Toni Braxton.

According to the rumor—which we documented here—Kidd was supposed to go out on a date with Braxton one night in ’96, but Braxton stood the Mavericks guard up for his teammate Jackson and went out with him instead. That led to Kidd and Jackson having beef and eventually led to the Mavericks having to trade both of them away.

Since then, both Kidd and Jackson have shot down the rumor, but people apparently still ask them about it. So during an appearance on The Herd today, Jackson told Colin Cowherd the story for the 4,652,891st time and, once again, claimed that it’s not true.

You can listen to him talk about it in the clip above. He’s convincing, but something tells us it won’t stop people from asking him to tell the Kidd/Braxton story for the 4,652,892nd time sometime in the near future.

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