Jalen Rose Explains Why Chris Webber Won't Be at the NCAA National Championship Game for a "Fab Five" Reunion Tonight (Video)

The "Fab Five" will only be the "Fab Four."

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The "Fab Five" are having a reunion tonight. Twenty years after the Michigan Wolverines lost to the North Carolina Tar Heels in the NCAA National Championship Game, the key members of that team will reunite in Atlanta to see the 2012-13 Michigan team take on the Louisville Cardinals in the title game. Well, most of the key members.

It seems as though Chris Webber will be steering clear of the reunion—and Jalen Rose thinks he knows why. He believes that Webber still hasn't been able to move past the infamous timeout that he called at the end of the 1993 national championship game. And, he thinks that that's why he won't be attending the game tonight.

"I think the timeout had a lot to do with it," he says in a video he filmed for Grantland yesterday. "He wants to disassociate himself from that moment and with that school, in theory with us, to rebuild his life mentally and say, 'My career really started my rookie year in the NBA.'"

No word from C-Webb as to whether or not that's why he's skipping the festivities. But, it is worth noting that he posted a photo of Michigan players Tim Hardaway Jr. and Trey Burke on his Twitter page on Saturday. So, maybe he's just trying to distance himself from the "Fab Five" and not the Michigan program as a whole.

Either way, you can expect lots and lots and lots of shots of Rose & Co. during the game tonight. It should be a special night.

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