Audio of Hulk Hogan Using the N-Word Has Surfaced

You can now hear Hulk Hogan using the N-word.

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Last summer, Hulk Hogan’s whole world came crashing down when a National Enquirer report came out indicating that he had used the N-word several times and made a series of racist statements while speaking with Heather Clem, the woman who appeared on his now-infamous sex tape. Hogan apologized for it immediately, but the WWE distanced themselves from Hogan in the aftermath of the National Enquirer report and many of Hogan’s longtime fans turned their backs on him.

Since then, Hogan has scored a major legal victory over Gawker, the website that published a portion of the sex tape in 2012. A jury awarded Hogan more than $100 million last month, and while he’s currently awaiting an appeals hearing on the matter, it looks like Hogan could end up raking in some serious cash as a result of the sex tape leaking out.

Hogan is going to have to continue to deal with the consequences that come along with the National Enquirer report, though, and today, Death and Taxesreleased audio of Hogan using the N-word. The audio is a little bit difficult to hear because there are certain portions of it that are redacted or inaudible. But you can clearly hear Hogan use the N-word, just in case you didn’t believe the National Enquirer’s original report for whatever reason.

Death and Taxes attempted to transcribe the choppy audio here. You can read a portion of their transcript—which features Hogan talking about his daughter Brooke's relationship with the son of someone who was helping her with her music career—below:

Hogan: So it gets to the point where…I dunno if Brooke was fucking the black guy’s son, or they’ve been hanging out. I caught them holding hands together on the tour. They were getting close to kind of [inaudible] the fucking [inaudible]. I’m not a double standard type of guy. I’m a racist to a point, y’know, fucking niggers, but then, when it comes to nice people and [redacted]

You can listen to the audio for yourself below:

Hogan hasn’t reacted to this audio coming out yet, but we would imagine he’ll have something to say about it soon. Stay tuned.

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[via Death and Taxes]

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