Floyd Mayweather on Nick Diaz's Five-Year Marijuana Suspension: "Let That Man Smoke Weed and Enjoy His Life"

Floyd Mayweather and Ronda Rousey actually agree on something for once.

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Earlier this month, the Nevada State Athletic Commissionhanded Nick Diaz a five-year suspension for testing positive for marijuana after UFC 183. And just about everyone thinks it's ridiculous that he got five years when his UFC 183 opponent Anderson Silvaonly received a one-year suspension for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug.

Last week, Ronda Rouseyripped the NSAC for handing Nick Diaz the harsh penalty, and now, her nemesis Floyd Mayweather has gone on the record and revealed that he agrees with her and everyone else criticizing the NSAC as a result of the Diaz suspension. In a short video that was released yesterday—a video that, we should point out, features a lot of NSFW language—Mayweather looked surprised when he was asked about the suspension and basically said that he thinks it's a dumb move by the NSAC.

"Man, let that man smoke weed and enjoy his life," Mayweather said.

You can check out Mayweather's reaction in the clip above. Do you think Diaz should have his suspension reduced significantly?

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