Floyd Mayweather Isn't Allowed to Visit Australia Because of His Domestic Violence Issues

Floyd Mayweather is being denied entry into Australia because of his domestic violence issues.

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Last month, Floyd Mayweather sent out a tweet about how he was planning on visiting Australia in order to take part in a bunch of promotional events:


However, if you've noticed, Money Mayweather was not in Australia on January 28 and there's a chance that he won't be in Australia anytime soon, either, because he was reportedly denied entry into the country as a result of of his issues with domestic violence in the past.

The Sydney Morning News is reporting that Mayweather was supposed to take a two-day trip to Australia later this week for dinner events on Thursday and Friday night. But Australia's Department of Immigration reportedly took a look at some of the things he's done in the past and denied his visa to enter the country. There is a chance that he could end up getting into the country if the Department of Immigration changes its mind with regards to his visa application. But as of right now, it doesn't look good for him.

"Floyd is in Barbados but I have a plane on standby for him in L.A.," promoter Max Markson told the Sydney Morning News. "At worst, we'll just have to postpone the events if the visa doesn't come through in time."

Mayweather doesn't seem to be too broken up about it. He has posted several photos of him kicking it in the Caribbean on social media over the last few days:


But if he's ultimately unable to make the trip to Australia, he could conceivably miss out on a big payday and the chance to pick up a few additional fans. So we'd expect him and his team to try to do everything they can to get into the country this week.

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