Dwyane Wade Reportedly Had a Child With Another Woman While He Was on a Break From Gabrielle Union


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Dwyane Wade has only been engaged to Gabrielle Union for about a week now. But it sounds like the power couple is already going through some drama with regards to their relationship.

According to an Entertainment Tonight report that was released earlier today, Wade fathered a baby boy with a woman sometime over the course of the last year or two while he was "on a break" from Union. The ET report says that the mother of Wade's son is someone that he has known "for many years" but also mentions that this is not news to Union. Apparently, she knows that Wade fathered the child and has already come to terms with it. And according to a source who spoke with ET, Wade is interested in raising the child and playing a part in his life, despite the unusual circumstances surrounding the situation.

Obviously, Twitter is having a field day with this story right now and tweets like these are popping up all over the place:

Dwyane Wade takes the L for the day.
Guys did Dwyane Wade really father a baby with another woman before proposing to Gabrielle? :"( f*cking athletes. Smh
I wonder how dwyane wade's side chick is feeling

Neither Wade nor Union has confirmed or denied the report yet. But at this point, it's safe to say that they're both going to have to say something about it soon now that it's making the rounds. We'll be sure to update this story if and when either of them decides to speak up.

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