Diana Taurasi Rips the Idea of Lowering the Rims in Women’s Basketball: “Might as Well Put Us in Skirts” (UPDATE)

Diana Taurasi hates the idea of lowering the rims in women's basketball.

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Elena Delle Donne has responded to Diana Taurasi's comments. Here is what she had to say earlier today:

“I respect Diana so much, I think what she’s done for our game is phenomenal. But I definitely disagree with what she said. The biggest issue I have with what she said is how degrading that is to women athletes in general because when you look at sports—men’s and women’s sports—volleyball, the nets are lower; golf, women’s tees are closer. And if you want to talk about Serena Williams, she plays less sets than the men so are you going to tell her to put a skirt on and go back to the kitchen?”

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The idea of lowering the rims in women’s basketball isn’t exactly new. UConn head coach Geno Auriemma lent his support to it back in 2012, and we’d venture to say that there were probably plenty of people before him who suggested it, too. But it’s back in the news this month as a result of an interview that Chicago Sky star Elena Delle Donne did with For The Win recently.

“I think it would bring a whole different aspect to the game and bring viewership as well as show the athleticism of our women,” Delle Donne said. “We do every single thing on that court that the men do, other than the dunking. And obviously, there is a handful of athletes who can dunk. But when you look at other sports like volleyball, their net’s lower. Golf, their tees are closer. It goes on and on. Tennis, they play [fewer] sets. Why not lower our rim and let every single player in the league play above the rim like the NBA can?”

Fair enough, right? Delle Donne is entitled to her opinion. But don't tell that to Phoenix Mercury star Diana Taurasi. ESPNW published a piece responding to Delle Donne’s comments, and in it, Taurasi didn’t pull any punches when she was asked for her thoughts on lowering the rims in women's basketball.

“Might as well put us in skirts and back in the kitchen,” she said.

There’s a very good chance that Taurasi won’t ever have to worry about playing on lower rims. But if by some chance the WNBA or some other organization decides to lower their rims, look out.

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