Dennis Rodman Forms A Topless Women's Basketball Team

Point out the bounce!

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Can't say we're surprised about this one. It feels like every time we hear about Dennis Rodman these days, it's because of something he's doing in conjunction with a strip club. And his latest business venture is no different. The recent Hall of Fame inductee is starting a topless women's basketball team with the HeadQuarters Gentleman's Club in New York City. Rodman got the idea after another NYC jiggle joint Rick's Cabaret started a basketball league during the NBA lockout that has since been disbanded.

"I don't know too many men that don't like a good-looking woman running up and down around the court," Rodman told the New York Post recently. 

Especially when that good-looking woman happens to be topless, right? "They'll come out in a T-shirt or a tank top," Rodman said, "but when the game starts, they'll go topless."

No word on exactly who these lovely ladies will play against—Rodman has expressed an interest in playing a "charity" game against the team that Rick's Cabaret had set up—but he is planning on holding auditions for the team next team at HeadQuarters. All girls over 5-foot-10 are encouraged to try out. And the requirements for making the team sound minimal, at best.

"You don't have to have too much experience," Rodman said, "just know how to throw the ball into the hole."

And be hot. Very, very hot. See you on the court.

[via New York Post]

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