DeAngelo Williams Gave His Business Class Plane Ticket to a Marine Today

DeAngelo Williams agreed to give up his business class plane ticket to a Marine today. How nice was that?

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There are a lot of professional athletes who thank those who serve this country when they're asked to do it by their respective leagues. But very few of them do something like what DeAngelo Williams did earlier today on his own.

The Panthers running back was scheduled to take a flight this morning and fly business class. But when he noticed a Marine sitting nearby, he instead decided to switch tickets with the man in order to show his respect. He sent out this tweet to let everyone know what he had done:

It should be noted that a few people out there questioned the authenticity of the Marine after seeing Williams' tweet and said that he might not actually be a Marine after all:

But even if he wasn't a Marine, this was a really nice gesture that Williams made and we hope that it catches on and inspires other people. Some of Williams' fellow NFL players could certainly learn a thing or two from what he did.

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[via Sports Illustrated]

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