Damian Lillard Scored 51 Points and Helped the Trail Blazers Beat the Warriors by 32

Damian Lillard proves why he should have been an All-Star this season.

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Damian Lillard didn’t get selected to play in the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, and he was not happy about it. He was actually so unhappy about getting snubbed that he rapped about it on his latest song, “They Sleep.” Listen here:


"Let me holler at ya'll about a few things quick/I'm as humble as they come but my shoe game lit," he raps on the song. "I didn't make the All-Stars but I'm Flu Game sick/Last time they count me out, what I do? Game 6."

And guess what? Lillard's got a right to feel wronged. He clearly deserved a spot on the All-Star roster. Just check out his stat line from the Trail Blazers game against the Warriors tonight:

  • 51 points
  • 7 assists
  • 6 steals
  • 0 turnovers

Oh, and it wasn't just some great performance in a blowout loss, either. In fact, it was the exact opposite of that. Portland beat Steph Curry and Golden State by a final score of 137-105 (no, that isn't a typo...). And Lillard was so good during the game that Warriors coach Steve Kerr had this to say about him after the game ended:

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said Damian Lillard was phenomenal. "He looked like Steph Curry out there."

— Rusty Simmons (@JRustySimmons) February 20, 2016

Yeah, he was that good:

Damian Lillard was unconscious tonight. His 51 pts is the most ever for a @trailblazers player against the Warriors. pic.twitter.com/aMsXAU8xOA

— NBA.com/Stats (@nbastats) February 20, 2016

I mean...


Here’s what Lillard had to say after the game was over:

Damian Lillard's postgame interview after posting a career-high night. https://t.co/WoA6UQvb4m

— NBA TV (@NBATV) February 20, 2016

Something tells us the Warriors will be just fine, despite losing by 32 tonight. But damn, Dame. Damn. Point taken.

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