Cristiano Ronaldo Finds Woman's Lost Cell Phone in Las Vegas, Returns It, and Takes Her to Dinner

What were the odds of this happening to Cristiano Ronaldo?

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What happens in Las Vegas usually stays in Las Vegas. But what happened to one woman earlier this week was just too good not to share with the world.

Austin Woolstenhulme was in Vegas with some friends over the 4th of July weekend to see Zedd. Here they are striking a pose for the 'gram before the show on Friday night:

Looks like fun, right? However, over the course of the weekend, Woolstenhulme managed to lose her cell phone, which had the potential to ruin the entire trip. But as it turned out, her losing her phone ended up being the best thing that could have happened to her and her friends.

A short time after Woolstenhulme lost her phone, Cristiano Ronaldo—who was also in Vegas this weekend—found it, returned it, and treated the woman and her friends to a meal at the Wynn Las Vegas. He also snapped photos with them. Here's one that Woolstenhulme's friend posted on Twitter:

Not lying 😆

— kenzie sellers (@mc__kenzzz) July 6, 2015

"Bad news is I lost my phone two days ago," Woolstenhulme wrote on Instagram. "Good news is Cristiano Ronaldo found it. Better news is he took us to dinner last night."

Or in other words, BEST WEEKEND EVER. Seriously, what were the odds of all of this happening to this group of girls?

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