Watch Cris Carter Get Very Emotional While Openly Discussing His Battle With Alcoholism

This was a courageous thing for Cris Carter to do.

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September 21, 1990. That’s the last time Cris Carter had an alcoholic drink. We know this because, earlier this morning, the former NFL star/ESPN analyst appeared on Mike & Mike in the Morning to speak about C.C. Sabathiamaking the decision to enter an alcohol rehabilitation center. And during the discussion on Mike & Mike, Carter was very honest about his own struggles with alcohol.

Carter has acknowledged that he is an alcoholic in the past—he also struggled with a drug problem at the beginning of his NFL career—so that shouldn’t have been news to anyone. But he went in-depth with regards to what he has gone through over the last 25 years and spoke at length about how difficult his life was and, frankly, still is as a result of his demons. At one point, he even got choked up as he talked about making the daily decision not to drink.

To be honest, alcoholism isn’t the kind of topic that usually comes up on Mike & Mike, so it was a huge change of pace for the show when Carter started speaking about it. But judging from the reaction that Carter received, it’s pretty clear that there were a LOT of people who were glad that he decided to speak up about alcoholism today:

Watch the video above to hear what Carter had to say. It's worth your time.

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