The Clippers and Warriors Reportedly Got Into an Altercation After Their Game 7 Matchup on Saturday Night

According to a report, the Clippers and Warriors almost got into a big brawl after their Game 7 matchup over the weekend.

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The Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors do not like each other very much. So after their Game 7 matchup at the Staples Center on Saturday night—which the Clippers won 126-121—the two teams reportedly almost came to blows. No punches were thrown. But according to USA Today, players from both teams had to be separated in a tunnel leading back to the locker rooms after the games.

The incident reportedly started in the tunnel when Warriors forward Marreese Speights approached a group of Clippers players and said something that didn't go over well with them. And within minutes, players from both sides—including Jermaine O'Neal, Stephen Curry, and Steve Blake from the Warriors and Matt Barnes, Glen Davis, and Chris Paul from the Clippers—were face-to-face and ready to make the confrontation physical. The police were reportedly called to help break up the melee and, within minutes, both teams retreated back to their respective locker rooms. But it sounds like this could have gotten really bad really quickly. And it also sounds like CP3 is the guy who seemed to get under the Warriors players' skin the most.

"It's not really Blake Griffin," Speights told USA Today later. "It's all Chris Paul, for real. Chris Paul starts all of that stuff. Before Chris Paul came here, the team was not like that."

Anyway we can get these two teams to play a Game 8?! Because of all the distractions that the Donald Sterling fiasco provided during this series, we kind of feel like both of these teams still have some unfinished business when it comes to dealing with each other. And we can't wait to see this rivalry play out in the coming years.

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