Chris Mullin's Jersey Retirement Ceremony Turned Into a Really Ugly Scene in Oakland Last Night


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Golden State Warriors fans obviously weren't pleased when the team traded Monta Ellis to the Milwaukee Bucks last week. It more or less symbolized the end of their 2011-12 season. But, who knew they were this unhappy with the deal?

At halftime of the Warriors/Bucks game last night, Chris Mullin had his number retired. And Warriors fans applauded Mullin and showed him lots of love. But after he was finished, Warriors owner Joe Lacob was brought out to say a few words and all hell broke loose. The entire arena erupted into a chorus of boos, making it hard for Lacob to say what he had to say. Mullin had to come back onto the mic to try and quell the crowd. And even Hall of Famer Rick Barry had to interject himself into the mix by yelling at the crowd, calling them "classless," and telling them to show Lacob some respect.

Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and Lacob was able to finish off his speech. But not before Warriors fans gave him a piece of their minds and turned what should have been a celebration of Mullin's career into one of the ugliest moments in Warriors team history.

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