Cam Newton Talks Trash to Steph Curry, Says He Can Beat Him in ‘NBA 2K16’: “I Don’t Think He Wants Those Problems”

Is Steph allowed to play with Steph?

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Cam Newton has led the Panthers to an undefeated record so far this NFL season, and Steph Curry is probably the biggest celebrity Panthers fan in the world. So of course, the two talk regularly and are actually pretty good friends. MMQBjust ran a story that features both star athletes talking about what they’ve learned from one another over the last couple years.

Towards the end of that story, Newton also admits that he likes to talk trash to Chef Curry. Apparently, they’ve never actually played NBA 2K16 against one another, but Newton is convinced that he can beat Curry in the game (assuming, of course, Steph isn’t allowed to play with Steph, which Newton calls a "cheat code") and texts him about it all the time. During his MMQB interview, he went as far as to call Curry out.

“Listen, man, I’m trying to tell not only him, but also the world, my thumbs are God-given,” Newton said. “My thumbs have been touched. I need to start coming out with this promotion company—Golden Thumbs promotions. It’s part of the Whoop Ass Tour. I can come with it to Oakland, but I don’t think he wants those problems.”

Newton continued by laying down a formal challenge: “You tell Wardell Stephen Curry that Cameron Newton is going to thrash him.”

But at the same time, he said that he’s more than willing to wait until after their respective seasons to hit the sticks.

“We need him to keep winning,” Newton said. “They say winning begets winning and losing begets losing. I want him focused. I need Steph to keep being Steph.”

Fair enough, but this 2K16 matchup has to happen now, right? Stay tuned.

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