Brandon Jennings Starts a Kobe vs. LeBron Debate on Twitter After Revealing His Top 10 NBA Players of All Time

Brandon Jennings thinks Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron James.

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Ah, the good old Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James debate is back again!

We thought we settled the score once and for all back in December when we made arguments for both Kobe:


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And LeBron:


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But as it turns out, the debate is still raging on, thanks to a tweet that Brandon Jennings sent out late last night. The Pistons guard decided to put together a list of his top 10 NBA players of all time and that list looked like this:

And while we were initially like O_O when we saw that he had put Magic Johnson above Michael Jordan on his list, a lot of other people took issue with Jennings putting Kobe ahead of LeBron. For example, this guy didn't agree with Jennings:

And Jennings responded by telling the guy that he needed him to answer some questions regarding LeBron being better than Kobe:


To be fair, Jennings didn't rip LeBron during the entire debate. He did list him at No. 8 on his list, after all, and he also pointed out (several times!) that he thinks LBJ is an all-time great:


But that didn't stop people from arguing with him about Kobe vs. LeBron, mostly because Jennings accused LeBron of running from Cleveland back in 2010 at one point:


However, we'd like to point out that, if we were going to take exception with anything Jennings said (outside of the Magic vs. MJ thing), it'd be this:

If we learned anything from Jennings' Twitter debate, though, it's that he sure knows how to engage a digital audience. He's clearly got some opinions, and as we've found out time and time again, he's not afraid to share them:

So expect plenty more of these debates to hit Twitter now that Jennings is unfortunately sidelined for the rest of the 2014-15 NBA season.


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