Boxer's Cell Phone Falls Out of His Pocket During Match

A boxer lost his cell phone in the middle of a match recently.

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Most people can't go anywhere without bringing their cell phones with them. It doesn't matter if they're running out to the store or running down to the basement, they're most likely bringing their phones along. But even with that in mind, the video above is still pretty surprising.

During a recent match, boxer Marvin Jones was preparing to take on Ramon Luis Nicola when his phone fell out of his pocket and landed on the mat. It forced the referee to stop the fight in order to remove the phone from the ring, and it resulted in the announcers for the fight laughing at Jones and what he had done. Jones—who lost the match to fall to 2-5 in his boxing career—then bowed to the crowd before the ref resumed the fight.

What exactly did Jones need his phone for here? Check out the clip to see the strange scene.

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