Andrew Wiggins and Zach Lavine Want to Be Called "The Bounce Brothers" (Video)

The nickname definitely works for them.

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Timberwolves rookies Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine haven't even played in their first regular-season NBA game yet. But it sounds like they've already come up with a clever nickname for themselves.

Prior to the "Dunks Over Dark" event that Minnesota held late last month, Wiggins and LaVine did a quick interview to talk about their wild summers, training camp, and the 2014-15 NBA season. And during that interview—which was released yesterday—Wiggins and LaVine revealed that they want to be known as "The Bounce Brothers" moving forward. And you know what? Unlike a lot of nicknames that players make up for themselves, this one works.

Watch the video above to hear the rookies announce their new nickname.

[via All Ball]

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