A Parking Valet Took Reggie Wayne's Bentley for a Joyride on Saturday Night and Got Arrested for DWI

What an epic fail.

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Someone got pulled over in Reggie Wayne's Bentley over the weekend and charged with driving while intoxicated. But, if you're a Colts fan, don't worry. The person driving was not Reggie Wayne.

On Saturday night, the Colts wide receiver handed the keys to his Bentley to a parking valet named Gunner Belcher at the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis. Then, he made his way up to his room and got a good night's sleep in anticipation of the Colts home game against the Titans the following day. But, when Wayne made his way back down to the parking garage on Sunday morning to retrieve his car, the valet on duty told him that his Bentley was gone. And, as it turns out, Belcher hadn't parked Wayne's pricy ride. Instead, he'd taken it out on the town and gotten busted for DWI at 2 o'clock Sunday morning. To make matters worse, he had also tried to tell police that he was driving Wayne's car because he was his "cousin by marriage."

This is obviously a fail of epic proportions. And, it's safe to say that Belcher won't be driving a Bentley—or any other type of car—anytime soon. What a jackass.

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