A Former NBA Player Lost His Home to Foreclosure Last Summer But Refuses to Move Out of It

He ain't budging.

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Remember former Seattle Supersonics center Robert Swift? Eh, probably not. Outside of being a total bust for the Sonics, the guy is also one of the ugliest athletes ever. So, we don't blame you for blocking him from your memory.

But, Swift is making headlines right now and, as you might expect, it's not for playing basketball. Instead, he's currently in the news because he lost his Seattle home to foreclosure last year, but he refuses to move out of it. Despite the fact that it was sold to someone else for about half of what Swift paid for it, she can't get into it right now because Swift has steadfastly refused to evacuate the premises. And, the place looks like hell. Budweiser cans are all over the property. There are cars in the driveway that haven't been moved in months. There's even a bullet hole in one of the garage windows.

Still, the lady who bought the place wants Swift out—and she's going to go to the sheriff next week if he refuses to leave. So, hey, Robert: You ain't gotta go home, but…well, you know the rest.

Peep the thumbs gallery to see what the place looks like right now. It's a real charmer.

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