Yasiel Puig Can't Take a Helicopter to MLB Games

Puig can't fight the FAA.

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At the climax of the cinematic classic Space JamMichael Jordan rolls up to his baseball game in a spaceship. There will never be an actual spaceship dropping a player off at an MLB game; they don't come equipped with rearview mirrors, so they'll likely be stopped in some sort of traffic violation before reaching the stadium.

So, the next closest thing we had was Yasiel Puig pulling up to Dodgers Stadium in a helicopter. Emphasis on had. The debbie downers at the Dodgers organization told the slugger that he can't travel to games in a helicopter. The brutal decision comes a day after it was reported that Puig planned on buying a helicopter to travel to games.

The Dodgers have told Yasiel Puig he can not, theoretically, fly a helicopter to Dodger Stadium. Federal law prohibits it, the FAA says.

In 2016, we're no longer allowed to believe we can fly.

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[via Andy McCullough]

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