Rockets Get Dwight Howard; Fans Get Delirious With Glee

So much hope in Houston.

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Apparently, the idea of being under Kobe Bryant's tutelage and not literallybeing under him wasn't enough to keep Dwight Howard in Los Angeles. USA Today's sources revealed that Howard was has reached an agreement with the Houston Rockets.

Of course, the acquisition has some fans believing that the Rockets are one of the teams to beat in the Western Conference. Because we all know getting talent like Howard always screams "dominance." Except it doesn't.

Fans still took to Twitter to express their thoughts on Howard's signing. Delirious or hopeful? You be the judge:

Everyone should be praising Hakeem Olajuwon for Dwight Howard coming to Houston. He's only gonna help Dwight Howard get better
Oh yea Houston Rockets got a squad now
Rockets SHOULD be legit this year. Who knows what Dwight will bring to Houston
Not just the Rockets taking over, all HOUSTON sports are. America , don't say we didn't warn yall.
Can we just give the 2014 NBA championship to the Houston Rockets and the Executive of the Year to @dmorey? #nba #d12
Houston have the big 3 Lin, Harden, Howard #Rockets
We got a solid line up lets go... Houston rockets 2014 western conferences finals lets fuckin go...
Feeling hopeful about a Houston team. #Donotletmedown #Rockets
Houston is #1 land for 2014. Texans-Super Bowl win, Rockets-NBA finals win, Astros-#1 pick in baseball draft.

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