Here Are More Lame Ray Rice and Janay Palmer Costumes, This Time in Blackface

This Ray Rice and Janay Palmer costume might unfortunately be one of many.

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Americans are usually at their worst on Black Friday and Halloween. This year is no different as you can see above. If you're second guessing your move to Canada because you just had it with this shit, yes, that's a couple dressed up as Ray Rice and Janay Palmer. In blackface.

The couple's son posted it on Instagram—with the hashtags #hitabitch and #shewasknockedupnowsheknockedout—but eventually deleted the post because of the swift backlash on his comments.

Keith Olbermann, who's been critical about the situation and NFL culture in general, caught wind of the picture and justifiably put it on blast.

Let's not pin the blame on Halloween here. Stupidity runs year round; Oct. 31 gives people an excuse to act on it.

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