Drake Is Already Repping Kentucky Basketball a Way Only Drake Can: Shooting Air Balls and Using a Lint Roller

Drake is having himself a grand time at Kentucky's Big Blue Madness.

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Drake is a little bit of everything. He's a Canadian hero who rose from being a paraplegic simply because his city needed him. He's big on the west like he's big in the south. He's a delicate being with the will of a phoenix.

He's also a Kentucky fan with apparently a pretty shoddy jumper.

Last year's NCAA tournament ended with Kentucky's loss to UConn and Drake's heartbreaking reaction right after. He's loyal, though. Drake showed up to Kentucky's Big Blue Madness on Friday. He wore Kentucky gear from head to toe to further prove he's all in.

You got the Aubrey smile, too, to further erase doubt.

Drake doesn't simply show up to events though. That would break Universal Rule #6: Drake is the event. So, naturally, he decided to partake in the festivities rather than be a spectator. The end result: The air ball you see above.  You'd hope he was actually aiming to shoot out of bounds, but you know that isn't the case.

Then there's this awkward-as-hell, flamingo shooting form:

And lint rollers!

Drake is one of probably about 10 people in the world who can make lint rollers a thing, yet he still can't get away with not knowing shooting fundamentals. 

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