Brian Scalabrine Believes No White Person Can Beat Him in a One-on-One Matchup

Big words from the White Mamba.

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Brian Scalabrine may not be one of the NBA greats‒  in fact, he's far from it‒but the  dude does have one thing going for him: he has a ring. In fact, he didn't have to play a single minute to help the Celtics win the championship in 2008. That's the White Mamba's style right there.

Of course, this is just joke fodder for the majority of us, but it could be one of the many possible reasons Scalabrine decided to send out this tweet:

Tired of people challenging me 1on1. Let me be direct. If ur white & not N the NBA u have No chance. If ur a brother, maybe...but i doubt it

Not sure why race has to be part of the logic, but regardless, those are some big words from the White Mamba.

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