Adam "Pacman" Jones Apologizes After Antonio Brown Is Ruled Out of Steelers' Playoff Game With Concussion (UPDATE)

Apology accepted?

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Adam "Pacman" Jones stayed true to his word and issued an apology to Antonio Brown on Instagram this afternoon. Here's the video he posted:

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Adam "Pacman" Jonessaid earlier this week that Antonio Brown "deserved a Grammy" for faking a head injury that knocked him out of action late in the Steelers' playoff win over the Bengals.  But in a separate interview, he also said he'd apologize if Brown was unable to play in this weekend's matchup with the Broncos on Sunday.

"I will send out an apology," Jones said on Showtime's Inside the NFL. "I will. But you know and I know, when Saturday gets here, all of that is going out the window. Let's talk facts, man. Let's be honest. ... He will be cleared Friday, I promise you, 24 hours before the game."

Well, Friday is here. And since Brown has been officially ruled out for Sunday's contest, everyone wants to know when, exactly, Jones will be issuing that formal apology. 

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