Ronda Rousey's Profile as a 16-Year-Old Pokemon Forum Moderator Is the Best

Ronda Rousey's profile as a 16-year-old Pokemon forum moderator is the best.

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If you're like the rest of us around here and don't know anything about Pokemon, don't worry -- Ronda Rousey has you covered.

The dominant force in women's MMA did an AMA on Reddit last night, and while she of course had some choice words for Floyd Maywether, Rousey also showed her softer side by answering plenty of questions about Pokemon, which was something she was heavily into as a teenager. 

The information included in her profile as a Pokemon forum moderator, however, might have been the best part. 

Rousey herself confirmed that this was true a few years back.

This has been discussed before, obviously, but since Rousey went there again last night, we figured it was worth bringing this extremely important piece of information to a whole new audience.

[via SB Nation]

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