Iman Shumpert, Fresh Off Signing a $40 Million Contract, Drops a Song About Everyone Asking Him for Money

Iman Shumpert, fresh off signing a $40 million contract, drops a song about everyone asking him for money:

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Iman Shumpert re-signed with the Cavaliers this summer on a deal that will pay him $40 million over the next four years.

If you and I know this, you can bet that everyone Shumpert has ever met in his life is well aware of his newly-found wealth. And if Shumpert's latest song is to be believed, they're all asking him for a piece of the action. 

"The point of the song was to make the listener feel like they're riding with me back home in Chicago as we head out west to my mother's house," Shumpert posted to his Soundcloud page. "This song is the conversation I would have with my audience in the sense that I'm venting to them about my everyday and on going battle of being a bread winner back home."

It probably does get exhausting to have everyone wanting to be given some of what you've worked so hard to earn. After all, "grindin' like the waiter puttin' pepper in the caesar salad​" is no easy task.

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