Watch Gerald Green's Brother Fly In and Dunk on His Own Team's Basket

Garlon Green flew in for a put-back dunk that gave the other team two points.

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Gerald Green is merely an average NBA player, but he's been blessed with some of the league's most ridiculous hops. That's a skill set that evidently runs in the family, as Green's brother Garlon showed in a German league game recently.

The only problem with this flying, put-back slam off of a missed free throw? It came on his own basket.

The game had already been decided, and it appeared as though the dunk went down just before the final buzzer sounded. But that means that this probably was intentional on Green's part rather than some mental lapse, and teammates and coaches tend not to like those types of antics.

In 2009, Nate Robinson took a shot at his own basket while playing for the Knicks, and then-head coach Mike D'Antoni snapped at him immediately afterward.

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"When you're 2-9, which we were at the time, I think any distractions are bad," D'Antoni explained back then. "If our whole focus is not on trying to win and turn this thing around, then it's not right and it's not something we want to do, and it's just one incident and we'll go on and we'll see what happens today."

It's unclear if Green will face any similar scorn for his decision, but you can understand why some of his teammates seemed visibly annoyed once the act was finished.

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