Stephen A. Smith Asked If He Prefers BBLs or Natural Butts: 'It's No Secret What I Have a Proclivity For'

"I have no desire to be with any woman as flat as me," he said on 'The Stephen A. Smith Show.'

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After facing accusations that he's a "freaky" guy, Stephen A. Smith has revealed whether he prefers natural or augmented butts.

On the latest installment of The Stephen A. Smith Show, the ESPN host was asked whether he prefers "bbl or natural," and he was more than happy to divulge his thoughts on Brazillian butt lifts. "What would I prefer? Well, natural," he solemnly answered. "I would like to state this, because it's very very important... It's no secret what I have a proclivity for. That has been the case all my life, my adult life that is. I have no desire to be with any woman as flat as me."

While he stressed it was just his preference, he said that it's of the utmost importance to him. "If I got more As and Ts than you, nah," he continued. "I'm on YouTube, I can say ass and tits but I just didn't feel like it. But if I got more of that than you, I don't need you. I reallu really don't, I'm sorry I just don't. Some level of voluptuousness has to exist. I want curves. I mean, you can have some up here, I prefer a lot back there, no doubt about it."

The extensive answer to the fan's question took Smith almost five minutes, suggesting that every man should strive for "a strong seven" because "a ten" is "too much maintenance 'cause she know she fine." He continued to get animated and at one point yelled, "Everybody know I'm telling the truth!"

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The latest rant from Smith comes a week after he downplayed the "freaky" accusations that came his way. “How do you know I’m freaky?” asked Smith in response to a question that simply asked, 'Why are you so freaky? lol."

"Where’d you get that from?” he added. "For all you know, I could be the most conservative dude on the planet and you’d have no idea whether I’m freaky or not because I don’t tell. But I do like the fact that you clearly have an imagination and you imagine the kind of things that somebody like myself is capable of. Go ahead and use your imagination. Enjoy."

Earlier in November, he also declared Sunday to be the worst day of the week to be horny because, according to him, there's less time to do anything about it. "Worst day of the week to be horny to me is Sunday night, 'cause chances are most people gotta work Monday morning," said the First Take co-host. "The week hasn’t started yet and a lot of times you wanna relax, wind down, and enjoy the end of the weekend before you get into the muck and mire, the hustle of the week."

It's been a great time for Stephen A. Smith content, but nothing is topping when he debated with a fan on the achievements of Lightning McQueen from the animated movie series Cars. He's more of a Fast and Furious guy, anyway.

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