Aaron Gordon Says He Went on Date and Found She Was Googling His Net Worth

He also talked about the idea of settling down and how he founds single life "exhausting" some times.

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In an interview with Michael Porter Jr. on his Curious Mike channel, Denver Nuggets forward Aaron Gordon recalled seeing a woman googling his net worth while they were on a date.

At around the 22:40 point of the interview, as seen above, Gordon was asked if he ever could ever see himself settling down. "Yeah, for sure," he replied. "I'll definitely settle down. In ten years, yeah. I think I'll be married in five years. ... I've been in the NBA since I was 18, so I grew up in this. I've seen the ins and outs, I've done this, that, the third. It's exhausting. Being in the streets is exhausting. Being outside, it's tiring. I'm not saying marriage isn't tiring and exhausting in its own right, it is work, but if you find the right woman it can be completely empowering. What's a king without a queen?"

He went on to explain his ideal woman, but then the topic shifted to some of his experiences dating as a high-profile basketball player. "Check this out, I went on a date with this girl one time, I forget where we were going where it was, might have been in like Chicago or something like that," he recalled. "I got to the spot, right, we were just sitting at the bar waiting for our table getting drinks, whatever. She opened up her phone, the last thing she had on her phone was 'Aaron Gordon's net worth.' You know what I'm saying? See what I'm saying? I was like, 'Yo this is wild.'"

While he thinks the situation is funny now, he admitted that it was one of those moments that made him realize that dating as a celebrity can be tough sometimes. "When you get to this level, there's certain girls that mess with you just for, you know, like the clout, the money, the security," he said. "There are real ones, you know, there's real ones out there."

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