New York Cabbies Get Sexy for This Must-Have 2014 Calendar

Leave that meter running.

Image via NYCTaxiCalendar

When we think sexy, one profession comes to mind: New York City taxi drivers. Our prayers have been answered and a group of extra sexy cabbies now fill the pages of this special 2014 calendar. Created by Philip Kirkman and Shannon McLaughlin, this gem features real drivers in real taxis, none of that hired model crap. Who needs hot girls in bikinis and body paint posing on supercars when you can have guys like Yasar and Darek laid out in the backseat of a yellow and black and riding it like a Brahma bull?

All proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go to University Settlement, a Lower East Side organization that provides housing for over 30,000 immigrants and families. To grab a copy (or a few, Christmas is coming), head to

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